Planning a trip to Europe

Planning a trip can be half the fun — or it can be a real headache. Make sure it's more ecstasy than agony by using the tools and information I've assembled here. Over the past 22 years of guiding tours and teaching seminars on European travel, I've answered a lot of questions about trip planning. I've developed a sixth sense about what people need to know, from the big picture questions — like choices between a guided tour versus independent travel — to the nuts and bolts of booking hotels, getting around by car and train, and understanding the sights.

Start off with my step-by-step guide to Planning your European Vacation, where I've gathered together the advice and resources I've used in planning hundreds of trips over the last 30+ years. We'll start at the beginning – getting or renewing a passport – and move through other pre-trip planning essentials, then on to stuff that will give you a soft landing once you actually hit the ground in Europe.


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